WaysHome Foreclosure Prevention Campaign Identity


WaysHome, a sub-campaign of the larger KnowYourOptions.com campaign by Fannie Mae, needed a relatable brand identity that was consumer-focused. The sub-campaign needed to work well with its parent campaign, but still stand on its own. The logo was developed first, followed by the key graphic art. A brighter orange was introduced to add energy and warmth, with arrows that communicate forward and upward mobility and guidance for struggling homeowners. The houses were a borrowed element from the KnowYourOptions campaign, providing an added layer of overall brand consistency and recognition. We've supported this campaign with several marketing pieces, such as in-market flyers, direct mailers, signage, and DVD packaging. We also developed the identity for the Spanish version of this campaign.


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The team at SW Creatives were a joy to work with! From initial brainstorming conversations to developing mood boards to making final edits — we had excellent service and attention from their impressive staff. I would absolutely recommend them to nonprofits looking for high-quality and affordable graphic design.

— Kristina Gawrgy Campbell
Senior Outreach Manager
Parkinson's Action Network

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